Mastering audio for video productions – Introduction

What will we cover in this tutorial:


– What’s your video for?
– Mastering chain

So what’s “mastering”? Well, it actually consists of two parts. You’ve made your mix and all the tracks are perfectly balanced. In mastering you’re going to focus on the overall sound of the complete mix. Is there enough bass in your mix? Or maybe too much? Maybe it’s just too dynamic and the listener has to adjust the volume all the time?

These are all things you pay attention to in mastering. The tools you use are no different from the tools you use when mixing. Equalizers, compressors, limiters, etc. But often you have specialized versions of these tools. So specialized mastering EQ’s, mastering compressors, etc. These are often just a bit more subtle in their behavior.

Besides adjusting the sound of the complete mix, mastering also has a technical aspect. You will be saving your work as a master audio file. This can have a certain format, see ‘what audio format should I use’ for some more explanation about the different options you have when saving your precious mix into one audio file.

So, what are the steps taken in the mastering process?