Mixing audio for video – Introduction

Mixing audio for video can be tricky. In three tutorials (this one, ‘The mixing process’ and ‘Mastering audio for video productions’) I’d like to guide you trough the whole process and share the most important mix lessons I’ve learned in the past 15 years. Preferably as practical as possible: by talking about everything you run into when mixing a video. From exporting the audio from the video editor, to mastering the final audio mix.

I’ve always been told that there are no rules when mixing audio. As audio legend Joe Meek said in the 60’s: ‘If it sounds right, it is right’. I am not going to tell you how ‘things must be done’. But a starting point is very useful. You may want to know what those buttons on an equalizer do exactly. Then you can use it as creatively as you want. That’s why I will regularly come up with a ‘starting setting’. For example, a good starting setting on which the average voice-over sounds nice. Keep in mind that this is a starting point, never a hard rule.