Picking the right compressor – Introduction

With a compressor you can color the sound. That’s why some vintage compressors are still very popular. Some sound very ‘punchy’, other compressors can add ‘warmth’ to your mix. If you know this, you can always find the best compressor to give your mix exactly the color it needs.

To help you on your way, in this tutorial we will look at some of the most famous compressors ever made.  They have been used on many hit records over the years. And the best thing is that all of them have been re-created as a plugin. So everyone can use them in their productions.

We will also mention what technical part is responsible for the specific sound of a compressor (like tubes or VCA’s). Because other compressors with the same techniques usually have a similar effect on your mix. So you know what to look for in a compressor if you are looking for a specific sound.