Sound Effects for audio & video productions:

The Essentials Bundle

Sounds of nature, cars passing by, computer sounds, title transitions…when producing audiovisual content you need sound effects. But it’s important to use good sound effects. And you need the right selection of sounds.

Over the years, I have recorded all the sounds I needed most often when mixing commercials, web videos, explainer videos and movie trailers. I perfected them and put them in this bundle.

I went for quality, not quantity. Only when the sounds are really good, you will actually use them in practice. The sounds from this bundle have already been used in productions of major brands such as KPMG, Samsung, Microsoft and Spotify. And now they are available for your productions!

€119.00 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

The bundle contains 250 sound effects in hi-res (24 bit, 96 kHz).
Check the list of sound effects here.
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Listen to a selection

(Picture: recording river sounds, Salzburg - Austria)

About the sound designer

Gijs Friesen has been associated with most aspects of the audio industry. Working as a sound engineer for radio and (broadcast) music engineer mixing performances of artists like Jason Mraz, Joss Stone, James Blunt; a sound designer working on productions for Disney, Asics, Spotify and as a dubbing engineer working on projects for Netflix and Nickelodeon. He is a contributor at Resolution Magazine and owner of

Gijs Friesen