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Recording & mixing podcasts 

Online workshop for:
Podcast creators

Learn how to record, edit, mix and master your own podcasts.

Do you want to record podcasts but do you have no idea where to start? Or do you want to improve your podcast editing skills and professionalize the sound of your podcasts? In this online workshop we focus on what you want to learn to help you get the most out of your podcasts. Whether you’ve already recorded hundreds of podcasts and want to fine-tune your editing and mixing skills, or you haven’t even recorded your first podcast yet.

€ 249,-

Recording & mixing

Workshop for:
Musicians, producers

Learn the basics of how to record and mix music. We look at what you want to learn and based on that we create the perfect customized workshop for you.

As a producer you want to be able to make a great mix with a lot of ‘depth’. As a singer-songwriter you may want to learn how to record your guitar and voice in the best way possible and mix it afterwards.
Learn it all in this private lesson that is completely tailored to your needs, from a pro with 20 years of experience!

€ 449,-

Perfect audio
for voice-overs

Workshop for:
Voice-overs, voice talents with their own studio

Set up an audio studio for recording and editing voice-over recordings, learning the basic skills needed to record and edit your own voice-over recordings.

As voice-over you need a good home studio. With the right microphone, software and audio gear. And good room acoustics, of course. If you have all that, the next step is to know how to edit your own voice recordings efficiently and well. In this workshop we’ll cover all of this and more!

€ 449,-

Mixing audio
for video

Workshop for:
Video editors, motion designers

Learn how to mix voice-over, music and sound effects in explainer videos, commercials and web videos. Get tips and tricks form an experienced pro to learn to mix like a pro yourself!

Most video editors also have to mix audio for video sometimes. This can be hard to do. But audio is a vital part of every video production, so it’s important to get it right. Gijs Friesen visits your office and brings his 20 years of experience to show you how to make a killer audio mix for every video production!

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Gijs from is an audio wizard – but not just any wizard – a wizard who can explain the tricks of the trade in great detail. Gijs makes it easy for non-techies to understand how to take the sound of a podcast or video to the next level. Highly recommended.

Remy Gieling

Speaker, podcast host, founder

Good videos, clear explanations, flexible, thinking along. Great Gijs!

Eline LaCroix

Voice over (Sony, L'oreal, 3FM, e.a.)

For a podcast project I worked together with Gijs of AudioKickstart. He is an absolute professional but also someone who thinks along with you. Gijs radiates calmness and takes you step by step through the process of recording and editing. Thank you Gijs!

Maria Punch

Voice coach,

I was helped very well with a technical problem in my home studio. Gijs was able to tell me exactly what to change in the settings remotely. Very useful tips, clear and fast communication…highly recommended!

Petra Heijboer

Voice actor