Ultra fast editing in Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools is one of the most widely used audio programs in audio studios. Even though there are many different opinions on what the “best” DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is, you will find Pro Tools in most commercial music, radio and audio post-production studios around the world.

When you use Pro Tools, you obviously want to be able to edit audio as efficiently as possible, so you get maximum results in as little time as possible. In the video below a few tips to increase your Pro Tools editing speed significantly!

Cheat sheet: Pro Tools shortcuts you need most

In the video above you can see that the first step you have to take to increase your editing speed is to use shortcuts.

Below the shortcuts for Pro Tools that you need most, for both mac and PC. Turn on ‘Keyboard Command Focus’ mode in Pro Tools for proper operation of the shortcuts listed. See 1:25 in the video above for more explanation on that.

FunctionShortcut MacShortcut PC
Bounce to diskCommand – Alt – BControl – Alt – B
Enlarge or reduce track size on selected trackControl – arrow up/downWindows key – arrow up/down
Horizontal / vertical scrolling in edit windowScroll wheel / shift-scroll wheelScroll wheel / shift-scroll wheel
Go to 0:0:0:0 in timelineEnter (big enter)Enter (big enter)
New trackCommand – Shift – NControl – Shift – N
Open volume-automation curve on selected track
Set marker to play-cursor positionEnter (small enter)Enter (small enter)
Shuffle – Slip – Spot – GridF1 – F2 – F3 – F4F1 – F2 – F3 – F4
Solo selected trackShift – SShift – S
Mute selected trackShift-MShift-M
Tools selection (Trim – Selector – Grab tool)F6 – F7 – F8F6 – F7 – F8
Switch from Edit to Mix windowCommand – =Control – =
Zoom in / outT + RT + R
Editing and playback/recording
Move clip left or right in the timeline+ or – on the num pad+ or – on the num pad
Consolidate selected clipsAlt – Shift – 3Alt – Shift – 3
Crossfade (select the overlap between two clips)FF
Fade in or out  (length of selection)FF
Export selected clipCommand – shift – KControl – Shift – K
Split clipBB
Group selected clipsCommand – Alt – GControl – Alt – G
Ungroup selected clipsCommand – Alt – UControl – Alt – U
Record3 (select ‘Transport’ in the menu Preferences – Operation – Numeric Keypad)3 (select ‘Transport’ in the menu Preferences – Operation – Numeric Keypad)
Start/stop playbackSpacebarSpacebar


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More audio tutorials?