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Audio Basics

How does an equalizer work?

The Equalizer (together with the compressor) is one of the tools that you use most when mixing. To change the sound, to make it better or to ‘clean things up’. Let’s have a look at the equalizer.

How does a compressor / limiter work?

A compressor is a very versatile instrument. To temper dynamics but also to color the sound in a specific way. How to work with a compressor in practice? Check it out in this tutorial.

Which compressor is best? - The classics

A compressor is great for colouring sound. To give it more ‘punch’ or ‘warmth’. Which compressor gives you the sound you need?  We look at some of the most famous compressors.

How does a noise gate / expander work?

Like a compressor, a noise gate is an automated volume control. But with a different effect: it pushes soft sounds all the way down to zero. Why on earth is this useful? Find out in this one-page tutorial!

Practical(!) audio Theory is mainly focused on practical audio tips & tricks. But if you know some audio theory, it can actually make your mixes sound better…

Cables & connectors: balanced and unbalanced

What is a ‘balanced cable’, and what is the difference between that and an ‘unbalanced cable’? And what exactly is XLR, Jack or Tulip? All the answers can be found here!

Wav, MP3...What audio format should I use?

Every audio format has it’s pros and cons. What format you choose mainly depends on what you want to do with the audio. Confused? Time for some clarification!

What is side-chaining?

You know those dance or hip hop tracks that sound extra punchy because the kick-drum seems to push everything away for a short moment when it kicks in? This effect is created with side-chaining. Learn how it works.

Recording & mixing music

Setting up a home studio

So you are a musician or producer and you want to record and mix your own music. The first thing you have to worry about is what equipment are you going to use and how to set it up. Let’s discuss it in this tutorial!

DIY Acoustics

You can’t make a good mix in a room with bad acoustics. In this hands-on tutorial you’ll learn how to create a good sounding home studio, without spending too much money. 

Microphones, DI’s and pre-amps

What is the difference between a dynamic microphone and a condenser microphone? What about the sensitivity of a microphone, and what is a DI? Read all about it here!

Stereo microphone techniques

Instruments like an acoustic guitar or a piano can be recorded in stereo to create a wide and full sound. There are various microphone techniques you can use for this. Which one do you use and why?


How to create a podcast – The basics

Podcasts are very popular. Many companies have their own podcast series these days. But how do you make a podcast that sounds good and is well produced? Bart Jan Cune and Gijs Friesen  have joined forces and share their knowledge and experience with you.

7 golden podcast recording tips

Which microphone is best for recording podcasts? And what audio software do you use? Two of the most frequently asked questions. But the room where you record your podcast is just as important…7 tips to make your podcast sound better.

8 tips for editing and mixing your podcast

Once you’ve recorded your podcast, there’s still a lot you can tweak and improve with editing, mixing and mastering. 8 tips to get your podcast ready for publication!

Mixing audio for video

Video editors: the best settings for exporting audio (OMF file or separate audio files)

If you want to edit the audio of a video in an audio editor (DAW), step 1 is to export that audio. This can be done as an OMF file or as separate audio files. What is best?

Mixing for TV: EBU R128 and LUFS

If you mix something for TV, the audio has to meet strict requirements (EBU R128 in Europe). Learn the basics about these specs in this tutorial.

Mixing audio for video - The mixing process

You want to make sure the audio of your video sounds great. It can be quite a challenge to balance voice-over, music and sound effects. This tutorial helps you on your way.

An introduction to mastering audio for video productions

Mastering is a confusing term. In this tutorial you will get a good overview of what mastering is and how to get started with it. So your video will sound clear, warm and punchy.

An introduction to sound design

Sound design. Movies like Star Wars wouldn’t be half as exiting without it. But every video can benefit from good sound design. In this tutorial an introduction to the art of designing sound.